The Bonomo farm believes that respect for the plant and the natural cycle is fundamental to obtain the best quality product from the olive tree. Furthermore, we believe that the continuous care of the tree is the basis for understanding how and when to intervene on the plant.
Furthermore, we consider that the utmost care in all phases of the production cycle is crucial to ensuring healthy olives and obtaining high quality oil.

Organic Farming

The Bonomo farm is certified for the production to organic farming of extra virgin olive oil, almonds, legumes and aromatic herbs. The Bonomo farm is subject to the control of the Suolo e Salute srl. The organic farming allows the protection of the environment and the consumption of healthy food in full respect of nature and health.

HACCP - Hazard Analysis and Control of Critical Points

We monitor all the production and processing phases through the HACCP method, in order to guarantee the absence of food contamination hazards, thus allowing to eliminate any risk of contamination of the final products.