Visit our organic farm...

The Gulf of Castellammare, one of the most important gulfs of the north-west coast of Sicily, unites the particular historical-environmental characteristics with the attractions of bathing, spa and food and wine tourism.
It extends from Capo Rama to Capo San Vito, an alternation of jagged rocky coasts and golden and white beaches, in a succession of landscapes that enchant for the fascinating interweaving of colors, the blue of the sea, the gold of the wheat fields, the green of the vineyards and the olive groves.

Come and visit our farm, spend a pleasant day in the countryside and get to know what it means to do agriculture today. During the visit we usually take guests to take a tour through the olive groves where we present our activities and depending on the season, you will have the chance to taste our the company's products and purchase them directly on site.

Visits are possible on weekdays by booking in order to better organize your visit, especially in the months of busiest work in the countryside.
If you are interested in visiting us on public holidays, please contact us in advance.

For information please write to: