Aromatic Herbs and Flavored Salts

In 2018, the farm started growing aromatic and officinal herbs, the collection of spontaneous herbs and the production of flavored salts.

Following only the rigorous principles of organic cultivation, in order to constantly guarantee the quality and the
genuineness of the product, we produce bay leaf, wild oregano, chilli pepper, rosemary, wild fennel, sage, sumac, thyme, mint.

We mix the best Sicilian Sea Salt with our own aromatic herbs production to give rise to condiments that give flavor and
aromaticity to the dishes:

- The mixture for meats enhances the flavor and gives aroma to many preparations such as roasts, grilled meats, vegetables
grilled, baked potatoes, meat rolls, meatloafs, breading, bruschetta.

- The mixture for fish is ideal for flavoring and seasoning numerous dishes such as baked fish, grilled and baked fish, pasta dishes and fish-based soups, eggs, lentils and chickpeas soups.