Who we are

The Bonomo farm is a family project realized throughout a history where old traditions have been transmitted with passion, continuity and an interpreneurial spirit.
The Bonomo farm covers about 10 hectares. Its olive trees grow at an altitude of 150-350 meters above the sea level.
The centuries-old olive trees have been restored and over the years new olive trees have been planted. All our trees are Cerasuola variety, a fundamental choice to vest the product with its territorial identity.

Harvesting & Production Processes

Innovation while keeping with the tradition is the cornerstone of our production processes . We do not use any additives and offer agricultural products of high quality and authenticity.

Extravirgin olive oil

The harvest is a as complex as delicate moment in the production of our olive oil.
We pick the olives by hand with the help of pneumatic combs. The harvesting is performed at the time of veraison, that is when the olive begins to mature, changing from green to purple.
The harvest begins the first ten days of October until the end of November.
Olives are pressed within 8 hours of their detachment from the plant.
Crushing is the most important phase of the production cycle in which olives are processed into oil.
Bringing olives to the oil mill is certainly a good starting point, but it is in the mill that the experience and professionalism acquired over time come into play.
The crushing is a delicate process. Our in-depth knowledge and experience of all the factors of the transformation process allows us to obtain a product with unique aromas and characteristics.

Aromatic Herbs and Flavored Salts

We produce high quality aromatic herbs.
The strains of our aromatic herbs are wild. From these we obtain a product with exclusive aromatic characteristics.
We harvest our herbs at dawn and we dry them in cool and aired places so as to keep all natural properties of the product.
When completely dry, our herbs are selected, grained and sifted by hand.
We combine our aromatic herbs together with Sicily sea salt give your dishes the best flavor and aroma.